Clear some extra space in the office

We offer flexible storage solutions at a great price.

Box storage from only £1 per box per week, and we can also store other items such as desks, computers, chairs, and other office furniture from only £1 per item per week.
Any larger storage requests please ask us for a bespoke price.

Big Desk
  • Collections And Delivery To Your Schedule

    At Plymouth Box Storage, we can collect and deliver your boxes and items. We can arrange a specific time on a day of your choosing, and will tailor this to your needs as a business.

    Same Day Collection available

  • Easy Service

    The only work you need to do is to pack your goods in the box, and we handle the rest, it’s as easy as that!

    Storage duration is flexible with significant discounts on long-term bookings, with a competitive price tailored to your items.

  • Save Money With Plymouth Box Storage

    At Plymouth Box Storage, you aren’t over-paying for wasted storage space that you won’t be using. Our pricing is based on the exact number of boxes and items you need to store, with custom quotes available for large numbers of items, so we can offer low cost storage to suit you.

  • Offices

    Spare office equipment? Paperwork, desks, chairs, computers, monitors, etc? We can store all of this for competitive prices. Collection and delivery available.

  • Tradesmen

    Going on holiday? Not using your tools for a while? Fill up some of our heavy duty boxes and we can store them for you from just £1 per week and keep them safe and secure until you need them.

  • Pubs/Restaurants

    Spare tables and chairs that you need to store? Redecorating and don’t want to get paint on your dining furniture? Whatever the reason, we can store items from just £1 per week, and we can even collect and deliver them for you as well from £2.95.

  • Removals Companies

    Van full and delivery isn’t needed for a few days/weeks? Having your van full prevents you from earning with more work.

    Store your items with us for only £1 per item (up to 20kg) per week and from £1 per box per week.

  • Retail Shops

    Extra stock that you haven’t got space for? Pack it into some boxes and we can collect them, store them from just £1 per box per week, and then deliver them back to you from just £2.95.

  • Paperwork storage

    Where’s the sense in hiring a whole storage unit just for paperwork?

    You can pack your folders and files safely into a box and store it with us from just £1 per box per week.