About Us

We collect, store and then deliver

Plymouth Box Storage understands that not only can it cost a lot to find a storage facility when you have little stuff but it can also be hard to find the time to get your possessions there and back. Trust in us to collect, store and then deliver your items for you.

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    Collections and deliveries to your time scale. 

    Plymouth Box Storage will work with you to collect or deliver your possessions at a time and day that is convenient to you.

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    Cheap Storage

    Our box storage starts at just £1 per week per box/item. We cant find any cheaper storage anywhere.... can you? If so show us your quote and we will be happy to match it!

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    All Costs are Included

    Avoid those additional costs that some havent thought about when using self storage.
     - Fuel
     - Van or Man and Van hire

     - Padlocks

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Only pay for what you store

Affordable storage solutions - from just £1 per week