Students During Break



Store your items when you go home.

Going home for the holidays? Not sure where to store your stuff over summer before you move into your new accommodation?

You can store your stuff by the box to keep the costs down. Our local box storage starts from only £1 per week, and storage of larger items of up to 20kg starts from £1 per week too.

Store your room for £15pw 

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Cheap Student Storage with collection and delivery

Collection And Delivery

We know that most students don’t have their own transport, which makes things such as storage complicated to arrange, how will you get your stuff to the unit?

We offer collection and delivery within the Plymouth area so that all you need to do is pack your stuff into the boxes, and we handle the rest.


We can arrange the collection and delivery at a time that is convenient to you.

Cheap student storage

Keep The Costs Down

We don’t see the sense in paying extra for storage space you can’t fill up anyway, so we store by the item so you can save the extra costs.

Box storage and item storage is from £1 per week.

Don’t have your own boxes? You can purchase them from our website and you can also rent heavy-duty industrial plastic boxes for just £1 per box per week.